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Anwender Berichte

(in Englisch)

Compilation of Australian Testimonials

from the Natural Alternative Therapy Clinic in Australia

I used the stabilized oxygen drops for five weeks, then no drops for eight days. I then looked at the blood on a powerfull microskope. The tred cells were free and very flexible, the white cells were moving well. The blood was smoother than before. I then took another twenty drops, waited an hour and then looked at the blood again. The free radical areas were reduced to half. I did another test with a patient who had not taken any stabilized oxygen so I gave my patient twenty drops of the stabilized oxygen. We then looked at the blood half an hour later and the free radicals areas were reduced to half the amount in the half hour.

I have a boy of 16 who is handicapped and has been under a psychiatrist in Ballarat as he was wetting his bed and was very aggressive and hard to handle. Doctor had him on hormones, but he was not improving. Next week he told me to stop the tablets and put the boy on stabilized oxygen. I put him on 10 drops twice daily. The improvement is amazing. I took him back to the doctor this week and he is very pleased and said there was no need to came back. Just to keep on with stabilized oxygen and only contact him if needed. It is wonderfull - no wet beds and a boy who has settled down and no trouble to handle. A new boy. Thank God for stabilized oxygen

I have had a major coronary and had a lot of trouble with shingles. After using stabilized oxygen I am pleased to say that I no longer have dreadfull headaches I had, and the shingles cleared up on my back five days after I started with stabilized oxygen. I bathed my back as well as taking 20 drops mornings and night. My skin was very blue and now it is pink again. I feel much better and am pleased with the results.

Recently I had a benign tumor removed from my right foot, the size of a hens egg. An operation (and an expected two day stay in hospital) turned into five nightmare. The foot while in hospital became infected with a virulent Staphylococcus aureus. I was able to bring it under control with Ice packs, medication, etc but a complete cure was not posible. I came to hear about stabilized oxygen and after ten days of five drops at night and morning the colour of the foot became a normal colour at the time, of writing the infection is now a small spot.
New South Wales

Weitere Berichte (in Englisch)


I am 29 years of age. Since having my first child in 1983 I have a pretty well constantly bleeding gums. During later pregnancies it was worse, with not so consistent bleeding at stages in between, but as a general rule I expected to have blood over my teeth in the mornings and the bleed virtually every time I brush my teeth. It did not worry me a great deal but it was pleasant when within one week of using stabilized oxygen the bleeding stopped. I have continued taking it three months now and have my gums bleed only slightly twice while brushing my teeth.

I am a very active 45 year old male. I was racing cyclist for 20 years and competed in my last Australian title in 1978. I then turned to runnning and the triathlon. I have competed one Marathon run in under 3 1/2 hours and the Sydney city to surf 14 k in under 1 hour. I have had back trouble for 21 years now and had regular visits to the chiropractor since 1968: I started taking the oxygen 10 drops twice a day - 16 weeks ago. I have not been near a chiropractor now for 10 weeks and I was going at the time, fortnightly. It also has cleared up an acid problem in my digestive system and also piles that i have had for 2 years.
New South Wales

Since joining the company on 8th july, 1989 which was the night of the official launch here in Western Australia, I heve beeen taking the oxygen drops regularly each day. I started with 15 x 3 time daily and now only take 20 drops first thing each morning in my Barley Green. The extra energy and well being since being on it is terrific and my sleep is much more restful even though I go te bed about 11.30pm. Many thanks for a wonderful product.
Western Australia

After being married for over 40 years it was a great thrill to me to be sexually fullfilled for the very first time. After taking stabilized oxygen for four weeks to help my breathing (as long as I can remember I have beben a shallow breather), not only did my breathing improve greatly but for the first time in my life of 64 years I had my first sexual orgasm. My mariage has taken on new meaning. I started with 10 drops of stabilized oxygen in a cup of water twice daily between meals for the first weeek. Then increased to 20 drops twice daily in a cup and a half of water. I thank God for this product and am sure it will help many otther women in many ways. My husband has been taking it also and his breathing has improved immensely on the same dosage.
New South Wales

My 23 month old daughter was born with complex congenital heart deasease. At three months of age she had emergency surgery to insert a shunt. At this time she suffered a C.V.A. (stroke) resulting in physical disabilities, delayed development and infantile spasma (fits). Since the administration of a small dosage of stabilized oxygen I have noticed a definite improvement in her mental awarenes, more energy and her fitting has reduced to almost nil. As you may imagine I am constantly searching for ways to help my child’s development and whilst some things are questionable I feel the stabilized oxygen is a succes story.
Western Australia

Since commencing to us your product, stabilized oxygen, I have gone through a chance from numerous health problems such as minor kidney problems, lethargy and continuously getting headaches. Now I am in a state of good health, with a sense of well being. I could not help but be impressed by the quick results I obtained from taking approximately 70 drops daily. Now after 3 months I have cut back to 15 drops twice a day, as I feel this is a good amount to maintain a balance between the health supplements and almost a sugar free diet I am on. Being a keen, competitive dancer, stabilized oxygen also gives me extra energy and strengths which help me cope with different situations that arise during hectic times.
Western Australia

After losing seven little girls at birth and having a battle with cancer and arthritis over the years, I am delighted with the results I have got from stabilized oxygen. I started off with 20 drops morning and night, with really kept me busy at the toilet for the first three weeks. I nearly gave it away, but thanks God I did not. The results are incredible. My blood pressure was shocking and now after taking stabilized oxygen for two months my pressure is 160/80 - unreal for me. About a month ago my doctor told me to give up Adalat and Dyside and see how I went. Results are great. I am on no doctors tablets at all. Before I started on stabilized oxygen my legs were enormous and the swelling of my knees and ankles was cruel. I had also a job to walk. Now my legs are great and I do not have the dreadfull pains I had with arthritis and I am sleeping better than I have slept for years. I believe stabilized oxygen is a wonderfull product and will help many people get well.

Due to injury I wore a knee guard during sports activities for many years. A small varicose vein developed below the bandage. For many years I have been practicing Yoga and meditation requiring sitting crossed legged. After half an hour my lower leg below the varicose vein would become numb. Also lying flat in bed became increasingly uncomfortable as again, the circulation was cut off causing discomfort. After taking 10 drops twice daily of stabilized oxygen, to my delight the above problems no longer bother me. I can now sit for quite long periods without any effects and can lie flat in bed quite comfortably. Thanks.

I have been very fortunate never to have been ill in my life. This in itself is a tribute to oxygen as I have always lived in the open air, first as a sailor and then as a farmer. When I read about stabilized oxygen, I started straight out taking 20 drops a day. It apparently had no effect on me at all, which I put down to the fact that ther was not much to improve. However I continued to take it in the hopes of staving off senility. This is not as funny as it sounds. My mother, at 94 is physically fit but has advanced alzeimers, which is sad to see. I have had a lifelong struggle with a small amount of toe rot at the base of both my little toes. Powder kept it at bay, but it never quite healed up. Since taking stabilized oxygen it has completely gone. 

Western Australia

Bericht vom einen Therapeuten (in Englisch)

 I am a practising Natural Therapist. Since being introduced to stabilized oxygen I am delighted with the result of the use.

Case 1 - Gentleman late 60’s with osteo arthritis. This gentleman was only able to walk a few painfull steps at time with the aid of two walking sticks. To stand for any time at all was a very painfull operation for him. This gentleman is also on other medication from his G.P. Since taking stabilized oxygen 25 drops a day he has had amazing results. For the first three weeks he reported no significant change. I encouraged him to continue. About the end of the fourth week he felt joints to be more flexible. He has now been taking the stabilized oxygen for 3 months and is just pain free - “just an odd twich now and then” his statement. As this gentleman is an elder in his church he is delighted to be able to take the service standing without any problem. Also walking about 1 -2 hours daily to visit members of his congregation.

Case 2 - A lady in her early 60’s suffering from heart and circulatory problems with frequent attacks of angina at least 2 -3 attacks a day. While having an attack I gave her 20 drops of stabilized oxygen in a glass of water, within a few seconds her pain had gone. I advised her to take 20 drops stabilized oxygen daily. She puts the drop into a litre of water and drinks it throughout the day. I saw her 2 weeks later, she reported that she had been free of angina attacks and also her legs cramps had cleared up.

Case 3 - A gentleman in his late 60’s complaining of severe headache for about 6 weeks. Tests from his G.P. were all negative and he was talking pain killers. I gave him 10 drops of stabilized oxygen in a glass of water and massaged his back, neck and shoulders. Within a few minutes he said his headache was only mild. I instructed him to repeat the dose before retiring. He rang me the next day morning to say had slept better than he had for a long time and his headache had gone.

Case 4 - A young lady in her early 20’s with bad eczema. After only a short time, about a week on 50 drops of stabilized oxygen daily and a very diluted solution of stabilized oxygen applied to the areas of the face, her skin has practically cleared.

Bericht eines Hundebesitzers (in Englisch)

 Below is a testimony of what stabilized oxygen has done for our little dog.

We have a small black and tan cross bred bitch who has been neutered. Her mother was a Chihuahua, but she looks more like a miniature Australian sheep dog. She has a very gentle temperament and we are very fond of her. Unfortunately she developed a problem not uncommon to de-sexed bitches, and which manifest both internally and externally and can be fatal. The vet performed on operation at Christmas time which relieved the extreme internal irritation somewhat, but the external skin problem which gave her a type of severe dandruff would not respond to any treatment. We tried every variety of wash recommanded and a whole and a whole bottle of cold liver oil (in small dosis!) but nothing mad any difference. One day I decided to try five drops of stabilized oxygen in her drinking water and each time she emptied the dish (every one or two days) I added it to the fresh water. Within three days the dandruff completely disappeared and she has stopped the distressing licking habit which accompanied it. I have since been told by other people that the problem is a hormonal one, and that possibly explains why stabilized oxygen is so effective. She has been completely well for ever a month now, so I will be keeping her on the treatment indefinitely.

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