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What a drop of blood can tell… The HLB manual (PDF)

What a drop of blood can tell - The HLB manual

with: Joachim Bauer

Many therapists are looking for a simple method by which blood can be evalu- ated inexpensively but still individually. The HLB coagulation test is one such solution.

The HLB coagulation test complements the quantitative, orthodox blood count with qualitative information about the condition of the individual patient.

For this test, a drop of capillary blood must be taken from the fingertip and spread in series on a specimen slide, where it is allowed to dry. The dried blood is then viewed with the aid of a microscope: the structures that have formed are evalu- ated with reference to an ideal image.

In this process, for example, metabolic disorders ranging from the liver, the lungs, the entire digestive tract, the urogenital tract and even oxidative stress, allergy or a cervical vertebrae injury syndrome can be evaluated.

The practice manual illustrates the capabilities that the HLB test makes availab- le to us. The book also contains corresponding blood images for illustrative pur- poses and to enable the HLB coagulation test to be assimilated rapidly into the daily routine of the practice.

Simple brightfield microscopes are quite inexpensive and entirely suitable for carrying out the HLB test. But it should be possible for both the therapist and the patient to see the blood at the same time. This is the only way to ensure that the patient is involved in the diagnostic process, and thus also improve his cooperation with the therapy. All of

these capabilities are available with the new HLB ribascope.
The authors Joachim Bauer and Jörg Rinne have carried out vital blood analysis using darkfield microscopy for several decades.
(IG-DF Interessengemeinschaft für Dunkelfeld-Blutdiagnostik, Community of In- terest for Darkfield Blood Diganostics)

ISBN 978-3-941806-07-8

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