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GLOBALIS - an Oasis of Nature

Hermann Rogl Globalis InhaberWe have been living and trading for your health for 35 years

Please convince yourself of the outstanding quality of our selected natural substances! We have divided them into four main areas - areas that complement each other effectively, just like the elements of nature.

You can enjoy these natural products, which we have put together over many years, individually or in combination, on their own or with your food and drink.
You can use them for a few days, weeks, months, as cures or for a lifetime - for the perfect, completely natural support for your health!
In line with our values, you are also making a contribution to fair trade and the conscious use of our resources.

Have fun discovering your personal favorites!

Hermann Rogl

Globalis Oase der Natur - der AnfangThis is how it all began ...

At the end of the eighties of the 20th century, our view of life changed and with it our claim to the harmony of body and mind.
Back then, we started (together with a handful of other "pioneers") to successfully introduce the first spirulina and AFA ancient algae, ancient wheat (kamut) and barley grass juice powder in Germany.

Many products have passed through our hands since then. Only a few have been added to our range. We have always remained true to our high standards of accepting only the best quality from every product. Regardless of whether they are plant-based vital foods, food supplements, juices, natural cosmetics or hand-woven fabrics. Knowing the people behind all these products was and is a particular concern of ours.

Common sense paired with sound specialist knowledge teaches us that natural and carefully treated products continue to carry the pure power of life. Spreading such treasures is our passion and profession.
Books have already been written about each of our products. We filter the essence from the most important ones and now present the information to you in a concise and clear manner. Organized into the four essential elements for healthy and vital cell function.
Now, after 31 years of inner work, active Raja Yoga and dealing with valuable natural products, we are happy and grateful that life has given us so many valuable experiences and many friends.

Globalis Team 25 Jahre JubileumOur team - your contact persons

The employees of Globalis, your oasis of nature

The Globalis values run like a red thread through all our products; they permeate our entire company life as well as our private life.

We want to start our day, experience the day and end the day with depth, mindful joie de vivre and satisfaction - and do our best for you in all of this.


Our steps towards sustainability and environmental protection

The many small steps we have already taken in terms of environmental protection may not be earth-shattering individually, but they add up and have an impact on a small scale - and we do all this from the heart.

It is a pleasure for us to inspire people in our immediate environment and you, our customers, to take small steps towards sustainability, resource conservation and future viability! The small steps of many individuals ultimately result in big steps for us all....

We would be very grateful for any suggestions on how we can further improve our personal and corporate carbon footprint!

Details on our guarantees, certifications and environmental protection

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