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The Violet glass

 Optimally protected and packaged in original MIRON Violet Glass

One of the most effective methods of safely storing natural products is violet glass - because it revitalizes, energizes and optimally protects the molecular structure of the substances packaged in it.

The modern, innovative violet glass packaging from MIRON - a long-established standard at Globalis.

In Egypt, violet glass jars have been used to preserve precious substances for thousands of years and since the very beginning of glass production.

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violettglas_ewig_nutzenKeep it!

Give the violet glass a new content!

After emptying and cleaning, violet glass can be used again.

Violet glass,
as a dispenser of biophotons, 
revitalizes the food with light energy.
Violet glass is ideal for storing spices, herbs, dried fruit, rice, wheat grains, etc

Violettglas VerpackungAesthetics and essence: Original MIRON® Violet glass

Since ancient times of glass production (in Egypt for about 5000 years), not brown, green or white, but exclusively violet or golden containers have been used to preserve precious ointments, oils, essences and remedies.

Photons play an important role in all atomic and molecular interactions in our universe. At the beginning of this century, Alexander Gurwitsch, a biologist from Russia, discovered that photons also transfer energy to living organisms via so-called mitogenetic radiation. The final physical proof of Gurwitsch's theory was provided when Italian scientists developed the photomultiplier technique in the 1950s.

This technique proved that all living organisms (plants, animals, humans) permanently emit ultra-weak photons, also known as biophotons. We owe the revival of Western cell radiation research to Prof. Dr. F.-A. Popp. The latest research shows that light energy is a major factor in food quality and not its chemical composition.

This means that nutrition basically also consists of absorbing and utilizing the sun photons stored in plant and animal substances. It has also been established that normal human cells have the ability to store the energy transferred to them and to use it for their own energy needs.

According to the test report

Violettglass im Vergleichof the Frauenhofer Institute for Food Technology and Packaging, violet glass has the advantage of being completely opaque between approx. 450 and 650 nm. Sensitizing processes in the food have an effect in this range. Trace substances in the food absorb light from this visible wavelength range and thus increase the reactivity of flavorings, colorants and lipids.

For example, normal tap water was kept fresh in dark violet glass bottles for over 3 years without any problems. And this without preservation or other techniques! After 14 years of research, the Swiss Yves Kraushaar developed the MIRON glass. The secret of the MIRON special glass is based on the fact that the "violet life radiation" permanently revitalizes and energizes the molecular structure of a substance. This also explains the high and long preservation capacity/duration of violet glass.

Experiments on ultra-weak photon emission were carried out under the scientific direction of Prof. Popp and Dr. Niggli. Here is an excerpt from experiments with solar remedies: "The energy content of solar remedies was measured at the Technology Center in Kaiserslautern in 1995. It was found that by storing these remedies in violet glass from Miron GmbH, the high energy of these remedies could be stored for years. High amounts of energy could still be measured in the solar remedies after more than 8 years of storage. In a short-term experiment, it was also observed that the sun remedies lose up to 50% of their energy after just 19 days of storage in brown glass. The experiment thus clearly demonstrated that both the violet glass and the Miron violet glass film have significantly better storage properties for protecting the energy content of these samples when storing the sun remedies compared to amber glass." (let alone simple glass containers, plastic containers, etc.)

Results of the biophoton measurements by Prof. Popp and Dr. Nigli Institute for Biophysics Kaiserslautern
Storage quality in different packaging

The investigations of Dr. Dieter Knapp

A series of tests carried out in October 1997 at Dr. Dieter Knapp's institute in Mittenwald impressively confirms the effectiveness of the violet glass described by Jakob Lorber as early as 1851.

The energy loss of "sunlit" globules when stored in an amber jar can be observed very clearly after just 36 days (picture left).

In comparison: sunlit globules from the same production, stored in violet glass. The energy remains strong and harmoniously radiant (picture on the right).

The experiment clearly shows how effective and essential it is to store subtle (healing) substances, especially homeopathic, spagyric and Bach flower remedies, but also all high-energy nutrients, in violet light protection glass.

  • Strong energy loss even in brown light protection glass (picture left)
  • The energy radiation in the violet glass remains strong and harmonious (picture right)
Einfache VerpackungViolett Verpackung
The Bovis value

The Bovis values are based on the fact that all matter vibrates, emitting a certain energy.
In physical terms, the Bovis value is the biophysical energy content of a product. The Bovis value is used, for example, to indicate the quality of products from biodynamic agriculture and for farms that consider it important to provide their customers with information about the vitality of their food. The higher the Bovis value, the better the energy quality and the more nutrients are obtained from it. In common parlance, the Bovis value is a measure of vital energy, a measure of the vitality of something. [More]

Special packaging:

Long-term protective bag

Special packaging: 3-layer composite film (LDPE /AL/PE)
Airtight sealed incl. an oxygen absorber optimized for foodstuffs

Ideal protection against:

- Air humidity, dust, moths,
- Electromagnetic radiation,
- High frequencies, microwaves,
- beta and radioactive radiation

Großpackungen für die ganze Familie:

Blütenpollen im Langzeit-Schutzbeutel

in Rohkostqualität

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