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The Bovis value

The Bovis values are based on the fact that all matter vibrates and radiates a certain energy. In physical terms, the Bovis value is the biophysical energy content of a product. The Bovis value is used, for example, to indicate the quality of products from biodynamic agriculture and for farms that consider it important to provide their customers with information about the vitality of their food. The higher the Bovis value, the better the energy quality and the more nutrients are obtained from it. In the vernacular, the Bovis value is a measure of life energy, a measure of the vitality of something.

The Bovis value is measured using a biometer, a scale developed by the French doctor A. Bovis in the last century when he developed this measuring method. Dr Bovis was responsible for the quality of the food eaten by French soldiers in the first half of the 20th century. He discovered that every vegetable, every fruit and every (spring) water had a measurable radiance. The fresher and more vital the product was, the higher this radiance was. The measurable radiance of a product is a measure of the life energy or vitality of a product. This vitality of a product is expressed in the Bovis unit. Mr Bovis made a distinction between superior foods with the highest Bovis values, foods with little support, inferior foods and finally dead foods.

The following characterisation for Bovis values is used when it comes to food for humans:

3,000 - 6,500 Not healthy

6,500 - 7,000 Neutral

7,000 - 15,000 Healthy

> 15,000 Very healthy

Bovis value and nutrition

If the vibration is higher than 6,500 Bovis values, this radiating energy strengthens us. A value below 6,500 Bovis costs energy and weakens us. This also applies to food and everything we eat. This creates a completely new perspective on what is healthy and beneficial as long as the Bovis value is above 6,500.

Freshly harvested vegetables have a higher Bovis value than vegetables that have been in the shop for longer. Fresh, preferably raw vegetables and fruit vitalise the human body. The processing of vegetables has a negative influence on the Bovis value. Organic vegetables have a higher Bovis value than non-organic vegetables, which are contaminated with chemicals and genetic engineering, among other things. Simonéton also found that the Bovis value of fruit gradually increases as it hangs longer in the tree. Ripe fruit gives the highest values, rotten fruit the lowest. According to Simonéton, healthy people have values between 6500 and 8000 Bovis. According to him, people therefore need to eat foods with more than 6500 Bovis to stay healthy. Some foods don't make the grade, they rob people of their vitality instead of adding to it.

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