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Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Our steps in terms of sustainability and environmental protection

What is important to us and what we actively do ourselves
  • Use electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Avoid palm oil and any palm oil products
  • Recycled paper: We only use 100% recycled paper (Blue Angel-certified) for all invoices, letters, brochures, etc. This saves us approx. 200 liters of (drinking) water, 62 KWh of electricity and 30 kg of wood per month (compared to new and conventionally produced paper)
  • Save packaging material or only use packaging that is recycled, produced in a resource-saving manner, reusable and as completely biodegradable as possible
  • use high-quality, reusable glass - functional for our products and versatile afterwards (e.g. our violet glass packaging)
  • water our company garden with rainwater (rain barrel)
  • live a vegetarian lifestyle ourselves and prioritize organic products
  • friendly and respectful relationships with and among our employees
    we do not use kerosene candles ourselves
  • as we live on the outskirts of the city, it is easy for us to do most of our errands by bike, on foot or by bus in heavy rain/snow
    we practise the conscious and attentive use of resources of all kinds, including those of our fellow human beings - here and on the
  • other side of the world

Although these are not yet earth-shattering things in themselves, we are happy to do all of this from the bottom of our hearts and thus inspire people in our immediate environment time and again and would also like to encourage you, our customers, to take small steps towards sustainability, resource conservation and future viability! Many small steps by many individuals result in big steps for us all....

We would be very grateful for any suggestions on how we can further improve our personal and corporate carbon footprint!

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