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Fairly-traded - Products

We guarantee fairly traded products!

Globalis Fairer HandelFair trade generally refers to controlled trade in which, among other things, the producer prices for the traded products are usually set above the respective world market price. This is intended to provide producers with a higher and more reliable income than in conventional trade. International environmental and social standards should also be observed in production. The fair trade movement focuses mainly on goods that are exported from developing countries to industrialized countries.

Under the responsibility that the above mentioned conditions are fulfilled, we offer the following products:

  • Organic coconut oil from the Philippines
  • Shea butter, wild-grown from Ghana
  • Natural crystal salt from the Himalayan region
  • Organic argan oil from Morocco

...and what does that mean in detail?

Bio KokosÖl Organic coconut oil from the Philippines

Direct help where it is really needed:
As our family of producers spend several weeks a year in the Philippines and are in close contact with the people there, they have developed a deep understanding of the mentality and culture of the Filipino people.

"Fair Trade for Fair Life" is at the heart of our joint social commitment. Of course, the company's entire collaboration with producers, suppliers and customers is already characterized by fairness, transparency and respect. However, we also volunteer for various aid projects that specifically "make the world a little better": directly on site, from person to person, by helping people to help themselves.

This means concretely and directly on site:

  • Projects for children
  • Projects for small farmers
  • Projects for young researchers
  • medical projects

SheaButter aus Ghana

Sheabutter GlobalisThe "shea butter women" from the Black Volta Organic Society are paid a very socially motivated fair trade premium by our suppliers and are thus motivated to produce high-quality shea butter. The prices we pay for the current batch of "Globalis SheaButter" are 80 - 83 % higher than the prices that other shea butter producers are willing to pay per kg of shea butter or are customary on the world market.

The cultivation area is located in the Upper West Region of Ghana (West Africa) and is nestled between the MOLE National Park and the Black Volta River on the border with Burkina Faso. It is a secluded area with clear air, low population density, few cars, but with many shea nut trees. The climatic conditions here are ideal for shea butter production and the local women are true specialists in the traditional processing of shea nuts.

However, the ProPoor purchasing strategy goes beyond the payment of a fair purchase price: the declared aim is to work with the women's groups on a long-term basis and to support them in living independently and financially securely in the long term:

  • Development of a shea butter value chain (e.g. shea soap production)
  • Development of a savings culture within the women's organization. This enables investments to be made in the medium term (spare parts,
  • renovations or extensions, social facilities)
  • We channel donations into meaningful investments on site

Natural crystal salt from the Himalayan region

Naturbelassene Salze Our natural crystal salt is also traded fairly.
The approach of our supplier in Kashmir is characterized by

  • Production and maintenance of exemplary working conditions
  • Respect for and protection of human rights
  • No child labor
  • Payment of approx. 25% higher wages compared to the regional average
  • Guaranteeing free medical care for employees


Organic argan oil from Morocco

ArganölThe 280 - 300 dedicated women in the region around Essaouira, Morocco, carry out the preparatory work necessary for the production of our high-quality argan oil at home. In addition to their regular employment, they are able to earn a very good extra income - without having to leave home and children alone.

They are paid far above the usual level on the world market.

In this way, work can be optimally reconciled with the needs of the family and the women experience a great deal of self-determination and personal freedom, which helps them, their children, the region and ultimately all of us to live better lives.

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