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Our Warranties

Quality guarantee

Globalis Qualitätsgarantie

We make no compromises at certain points in the production and processing chain of our products! For these points, we guarantee compliance with the criteria of sustainable, fair and ecological production that are so important to us. Compliance with these fundamental criteria has been very important to us from the very beginning and has applied to all our natural products for more than 20 years.

We have developed our special quality seal for this purpose. This guarantees the following points:

  • no child labor in our products!
  • no plantation goods (we clearly prefer untreated wild growth)
  • no purchasing from corporations or any commodity trading exchanges
  • (we only buy from sources we know personally)
  • we only buy the very best quality (known to us) for all goods (there are over 15 different quality and product differences in AFA Uralgen
  • alone)
  • we do not use refined products or additives
  • we document the microbiological tests for all purchases, which provide precise information about any contamination of the natural products
  • no artificial preservatives, fillers, artificial sugars or sugar substitutes are used in our products
  • our products are halal and kosher
  • and naturally GMO free

 Raw food quality

Globalis Rohkost Qualität

Our raw food is living food that fulfills certain criteria:

  • Harvest at the highest possible point of ripeness
  • Exclusively plant-based products
  • Low processing temperature (below 38°C/)
  • Wild or organic quality
  • No radioactive irradiation

 We offer the following products under our raw food quality symbol:

  • Organic AFA primal algae
  • Spirulina algae
  • Organic Chlorella Algae
  • Organic argan oil
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Acerola cherry powder
  • Crystal salt from the Himalayan region
    Organic cocoa beans
  • Organic cocoa nibs with raw Yaconn syrup
  • Organic cashew nuts
  • Flower pollen
  • Pomegranate, baobab, jojoba and argan oil

Fair trade

Globalis Fair TRADE

With our commitment to fair trade, we would like to show our trading partners that we are deeply grateful to be able to use such special natural treasures here for ourselves and our customers. These high-quality products are almost always created with a significant amount of personal vitality and individual dedication, which we greatly appreciate and are happy to reward fairly.

This gratitude is expressed not only through the higher purchase prices we are happy to pay (between 25% and 80% above the usual, often unfairly distributed, retail prices), but also in the form of projects that we make possible through our trade and that our local partners and suppliers have initiated. These directly benefit the local people.

Part of the proceeds from the purchase of the following natural products go directly to local social projects:

  • through organic coconut oil in the Philippines
  • through shea butter, wild growth in Ghana
  • Natural crystal salt from the Himalayan region
  • organic argan oil in Morocco

Free from genetic manipulation

Frei von Genmanipulation


All goods sold by Globalis - Oasis of Nature are produced without artificial genetic manipulation (GMO free).

As we do not offer any animal products, the issue of genetically manipulated feed is naturally not an issue for us, nor is the use or possible contamination of the products with antibiotics.



Pure variety

SortenreinWe use this quality symbol for all products that consist of 100% of a single raw material. Whether fruit, algae, oil, juice or minerals etc.

By 100% we also mean 100% - and not perhaps 99.5%.

Products that we offer with this quality symbol:

  • Globalium zeolite medical product
  • Klamath AFA Primal Algae
  • Earthrise spirulina algae
  • Organic Chlorella Algae
  • Organic Noni direct juice
  • Organic argan oil
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Organic cocoa beans
  • Shea butter, wild
  • Organic cashew nuts
  • Highland flower pollen
  • Organic pomegranate, baobab, jojoba and argan oil

(our organic aloe vera premium natural juice contains 0.1% citric acid; raw cane sugar is used in our acerola lozenges, which is why these products do not carry the pure variety quality symbol


Globalis  The terms "vegetarian" and "vegan" have always applied to all our products, as we have generally only offered fruits, algae, plants and natural minerals from the very beginning.

Violet protective glass

Violett Schutz GlasViolet protective glassThe special feature of the violet glass we use is that the violet light waves, which are the only ones to penetrate the glass, have a germicidal effect, but also permanently revitalize and energize the molecular structure of a substance, which means that products stored in violet glass stay fresh and durable for longer. For this reason, we use this high-quality glass wherever possible and sensible to protect our valuable products and ingredients.

Although the purchase price of these jars is about 10 times the price of a normal (white, brown, green, blue) jar and 20 times the price of a plastic jar, we are so impressed by the enormous quality that we are willing to pay the extra. We bottled small test samples of AFA Uralgene, for example, in our warehouse in 1998, which still taste good today, 15 years later. You can find detailed information about our violet glass here.

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