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  • A healthy oral flora means a better quality of life. (21.06.2022)

     Protective natural cosmetics and mouthwash: propolis tincture, water enriched with oxygen , salt water and Zeolite medical product

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  • Wanted: ready-made smoothies (05.05.2022)

     No time to mix your own or just don't feel like rinsing afterwards? Highly potent smoothies for home and on the go.

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  • Chlorophyll powder as food (05.05.2022)


    The green blood of plants turns into human red blood!

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  • Globalis gift sets for special occasions (05.05.2022)

     like birthday, wedding, birth, visit, engagement, or just for fun.


  • NEW: Highly Active Mountain Flower Pollen (05.05.2022)

     This species-rich flower pollen is an enzyme-rich natural product that contains a wealth of nutrients.

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