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Quality & Safety

It all depends on the grinding!

There is a huge difference in quality here, isn't there?
We are often asked whether there is not only a price difference between the various zeolites, but also a significant difference in quality.
After all, almost every supplier now claims to use activated zeolite.
So what is the difference?

What does activated zeolite mean?

We did some research and in fact almost every provider now uses the word "activated".
Here are just two examples:
... "Activated zeolite - means that the zeolite is heated above 450 degrees Celsius for a longer period of time during processing, so that not only the free water but also the bound, crystalline water is dried out. Activation increases the ability to detoxify"...

"Our zeolite is ground with a small ball mill and thereby activated and micronized."

This is, of course, quite humbug!
These grindings are very different from a genuine and high-quality activation, which is carried out using special activators.

The highest quality activated zeolite is produced using tribomechanical processes, counter jet mills or PMA activation.
The equipment (counter jet mill...) for an actual activation costs up to 1 million euros and requires permanent and reliable maintenance.
This activation ensures that the ion exchange is intensified and the surface area responsible for the adsorption (adhesion) of various substances (such as heavy metals...) is significantly increased.

Many studies have been carried out with precisely this activated zeolite. Some suppliers, who have not carried out any studies with their zeolite themselves, advertise and sell their zeolite with precisely these claims, although they may not be made to this extent with their zeolite (which has not been activated in this way).
The type of activation also determines the quantity taken:
Zeolite that is not activated in this way requires a much higher intake quantity to compensate for this activation in order to possibly achieve a similar effect.

If this is taken into account, we also understand the enormous price differences. Zeolite that costs 30 or 80 euros per kilo (with or without fanciful activation) and high-quality, truly activated zeolite with kilo prices of 150 to 250 € for ready-filled medical products.
This applies above all to zeolite (clinoptilolite), which is also intended for human consumption. For other applications (such as water treatment or aquarium ...) this high quality requirement is less important.
Yes, it depends on the grinding! This is where the quality differs.

 √ Certification of Globalium Zeolith as a medicinal product

Globalium Zeolith is a Class IIa certified medicinal product (according to the common european guideline 93/42 EEC).

There is a wide variety of possibilities for the applications of zeolites, for example in the areas of industry and agriculture.

BUT: only zeolites that have been certified as a medical product meet the health-relevant, qualitative and hygienic standards required by a medicinally applicable product and the strict regulations of the EU health authority concerning the safety of products designated for internal use.

Zeolith - rezeptfrei in allen Apotheken 

Available without prescription in all naturopathic pharmacies
(PZN 10013765)

Available without prescription in all naturopathic pharmacies

Zeolith - rezeptfrei in allen Apotheken 

Available without prescription in all naturopathic pharmacies
(PZN 10013765)

Zeolith Rohstoff√ The raw material

  • Zeolites are found and mined in nearly every volcanic region worldwide, hence the generalized label "volcanic material".
  • Regarding the quality of the raw material, there is a variety of significant differences. Only specific local zeolite deposits provide material suitable for human consumption.
  • The raw material used for Globalium Zeolith Medicinal Product is checked on the basis of various parameters.
  • Here the exact composition (100% pure natural material) and purity (traces of possibly toxic elements) are two decisive factors.

√ Ingredients of Globalium Zeolith Medical Product

The Globalium Zeolith medicinal product consists entirely of natural zeolite with no admixture of bulking or anti-caking agents.

  • contains no GMOs
  • vegan
  • lactose free
  • unirradiated
  • halal
  • kosher

√ Activation of Globalium Zeolith Medicinal Product

Globalium Zeolith Medicinal Product is treated according to a constantly refined process using state-of-the-art activators, where zeolite particles collide at sonic speed and thus pulverize each other.

This is a unique process causing activation on the finest level, with each particle being not only crushed but at the same time modified to enhance the available surface significantly by controlled self-collision with high kinetic energy in an opposed jet mill.

→ larger surface for contact and adhesion to bind toxins

The structural changes in the treated zeolite particles enhances the negative charge inside the channel structure, increasing the zeolite´s cation binding capacity.

→ Improved ion exchange and better filtration capacity towards unactivated or conventionally activated zeolite.

 The tribomechanical activation process, which has for a long time been recognized as resulting in the finest possible grinding of zeolites, was significantly improved by using opposed jet mills. The particle size is even finer than what can be reached in the tribomechnical process and is in the micrometer range. For further information please see:

"Effective particle size under 10 µm"

√ Biophysical effects of Globalium Zeolith Medicinal Product

Die Sorptionsreihenfolge / Selektivität

Cs+ > NH4 + > Pb2+ > K+> Na+ >Ca2+ > Mg2+ > Ba2+ > Cu2+ > Zn2+

Zeolith - rezeptfrei in allen Apotheken 

Available without prescription in all naturopathic pharmacies
(PZN 10013765)

Zeolith - rezeptfrei in allen Apotheken 

Available without prescription in all naturopathic pharmacies
(PZN 10013765)

Globalium Zeolith ultrafein mit PMA-Aktivierung

Zertifiziertes Medizinprodukt der Klasse II b
Zeolith ist ein zertifiziertes Medizinprodukt

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