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Natural Cosmetics

on the basis of traditional Europian medicine (TEM)

Did you already know?

The ingredients in your cosmetics can be measured in your blood after about 15 minutes!

What we put on our skin also enters our body.

Everything we eat is first broken down in the stomach by gastric acid before it passes through the intestinal wall into our body. Our skin does not have this possibility. Due to its natural function, it can select well what it absorbs and what it does not. However, it is very dependent on the right care and what we offer it.

That is why it is so important to us for a vital and healthy life that all the ingredients in your cosmetics are of the highest purity and preferably even of high-quality food quality.


NaturkosmetikYour homemade & edible cosmetics

What is ideal for healthy skin should also be good for the stomach - or, to put it in the words of a famous cosmetics producer:
"I only put on my skin what I can eat!

Here you will find some suggestions and good recipes on how to give your skin the best possible, safe and completely natural protection.

It will thank you for it for many decades.


Skin care redefined

Essbare KosmetikSkin care is not just about cleansing our largest organ and ensuring optimum skin hydration, but also aims to maintain the skin's natural protective mechanisms and strengthen our well-being and self-esteem.

There is a fine layer on the skin consisting of sweat components, sebum and water. This natural acid mantle with a pH value between 4 and 6 forms a barrier against harmful external influences. However, it also influences the colonization of the skin by microorganisms (bacteria). An intact acid mantle reduces harmful microorganisms and supports protective bacteria on our skin.

In order to protect precisely these microorganisms of our skin flora, a rethink in cosmetics is so necessary.


Cosmoetica  NaturkosmetikCosmoetica

the spirit of nature in your skin

The cosmos begins in your skin

On this surface, the boundless cosmos turns around and finds its limit.

The natural cosmos and the individual cosmos of each person is found in the skin.

Care, but also our inner harmony or disharmony, leave their mark on this important therapeutic boundary - our skin. It is also the largest organ of the human body.

Cosmoetica helps the skin to reflect its inner beauty and harmony with the cosmos, creating a sense of well-being and fulfillment. This good connection is expressed through beautiful, soft and vital skin.
Cosmoetica tangibly and perceptibly supports this fine layer that separates and connects our inner world from the cosmos.

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Propolis The naturally protective effect of propolis

Propolis, also known as bee resin or bee putty resin, is a resinous mass produced by the bees themselves with antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties.

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Propolis tincture
produced by a regional beekeeper according to ancient tradition - cosmetic raw material for the production of protective natural cosmetics and mouthwash.


Aloe Vera Gel Bio 195 mlAloe Vera Gel Elysius

Natural cosmetics for your beauty and well-being

Studies have shown that aloe vera leaf gel contains around 200 active ingredients, including...

Vitamin A: Important for beautiful skin and strong fingernails. It is also involved in cell renewal (anti-ageing) and promotes eyesight. Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12), folic acid and niacin: Important for collagen and keratin formation and therefore perfect for fast-growing tissue such as hair, skin and nails. Vitamin C: Is involved in the formation of connective tissue and strengthens the immune system. Vitamin E: Protects the body from free radicals and nourishes the skin.

Aloe vera gel can therefore be used for the face, hair, hands and body.

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