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The best oils for cosmetics

Organic Argan Oil

The argan tree is one of the oldest plants in the world. Around 25 million years ago, the argan tree developed as a desert tree in a small area in the Moroccan region.

The trees are up to 400 years old and have a huge water storage capacity.

The oil is excellent for fine cuisine, since it is not only extremely tasty, but also really healthy - a real treasure!

This is due to its special ingredients ....

 GranatapfelkernOelPomegranate seed oil: versatile use

Pomegranate seed oil is considered a delicacy in both natural and gourmet cuisine. The unobtrusive and also indescribable flavour - due to the high omega 5 content - even puzzles gourmets as to where this somehow familiar and yet intangible fine taste comes from.

Pomegranate seed oil for the skin: Pomegranate seed oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it valuable for skin health.

Skin ageing and wrinkles: Pomegranate seed oil contains a number of ingredients that are powerful antioxidants. It is rich in vitamins A, E and K, vitamins that are important for reducing skin wrinkles and keeping different skin types young and elastic for as long as possible. [more]


JojobaÖlJojoba oil and the skin barrier

There are substances that build up our skin barrier and they are called ceramides. Ceramides are fats that cover the cells of the epidermis and regulate their moisture. And our skin barrier is a kind of biomembrane. Similar membranes are found throughout our body. Even every single cell is surrounded by a membrane.

All membranes in the body are made up of two membrane lipids. These are phospholipids and sphingolipids. These two substances are also responsible for our body's ability to form ceramides.

Creams that contain ceramides or stimulate ceramide synthesis improve the skin's barrier function. For example, the ceramides in jojoba oil are very similar to those in the skin and help to regulate sebum, repair and maintain the skin's structure. [more]


Baobaböl für die HautpflegeBaobab oil, wild growth

Baoabab supports healthy skin

Although baobab seeds are very popular in African cuisine and in the natural healing world, baobab seed oil is only authorised for cosmetic use in Europe.
For cooking, the seeds are ground into powder and are very popular in health-conscious cuisine due to their abundance of minerals and vitamins.

The vitamin C in the baobab fruit helps your body to produce collagen and elastin. These two proteins are necessary to ensure the elasticity of the skin. This keeps your skin looking young for longer. [more]


Premium organic coconut oil Bio KokosnussÖl Premium

Coconuts ripened in the bright sun - freshly harvested and delivered day after day by Solomon Islands smallholder families - form the basis of Globalis organic coconut oil in premium quality. A natural product that impresses in terms of freshness and quality.

Thanks to the freshly harvested coconuts, which are gently processed directly on site, the high lauric acid content (MCT) of over 50% in our Globalis Organic Coconut Oil Premium is retained in its natural form. [more]


Further packaging sizes can be found under the individual oils

  • Organic Argan Oil für culinary and cosmetic uses raw quality


    ArtikelNr.: 475

    Preis: 24,90 EUR

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  • Bio Jojoba Öl, Globalis

    Reines Öl aus Peru, reich an Vitamin A, Vitamin B,Vitamin E und wertvolle Ceramide
    Jojobaöl wird auch gerne als Basisöl für eingene Öl- oder Crememischungen verwendet.


    ArtikelNr.: 487

    Preis: 19,50 EUR

    In den Warenkorb
  • GranatapfelÖl, Bio, Globalis

    Premium Bio GranatapfelkernÖl (100 % Direkt Öl) - extra virgin, Kaltpressung in Rohkost Qualität,
    hoher Anteil an mehrfach ungesättigten Fettsäuren: Punicinsäure, Linolsäure, Stearin-, Palmitinsäure. und Phytosterole.


    ArtikelNr.: 482

    Preis: 29,90 EUR

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  • Baobab Öl Wildwuchs Globalis

    - ein edles und vielseitiges natürliches Pflegeöl für die natürliche Kosmetik
    BaobabkernÖl ist nicht komedogen*!


    ArtikelNr.: 492

    Preis: 26,90 EUR

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  • Bio KokosnussÖl Premium

    Überdurchschnittlicher Gehalt an MKTs in Globalis BIO KokosnussÖl Premium: über 50 %


    ArtikelNr.: 623-1

    Preis: 15,90 EUR

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  • SheaButter, Wildwuchs
    Reinste SheaButter, Wildwuchs aus der Manufaktur: duftend, zart schmelzend, 100 % natürlich und unraffiniert in Violettschutzfolie


    ArtikelNr.: 1104

    Preis: 15,90 EUR

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SheaButterShea nut butter, delicately melting and wonderfully creamy

Shea tree, vitellaria paradoxa, shea nut tree, shea butter tree, African butter tree - many terms for the same fascinating plant. Our Globalis shea nut butter is made from naturally grown, traditionally collected shea nuts in a highly complex production process.

It has the typical, subtle odour of unrefined shea nut butter. Other characteristics of pure, unrefined shea nut butter are the beige-yellow colour and the somewhat crumbly texture, which disappears completely when melted in the hand. [more]


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