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Homemade & edible cosmetics

Globalis Naturkosmetik hausgemachtHomemade, edible cosmetics and their benefits:

  • You use only high-quality, natural ingredients, some of which are the ultimate even in the food sector.
  • You create your own natural cosmetics, which you can tailor to your needs (more liquid, creamier...).
  • You will enjoy experimenting and creating new creations.
  • You can enrich your homemade cosmetics with your favorite fragrance.
  • Unpolluted skin care with pure, natural ingredients also makes sense for babies and small children.

High-quality raw materials as the basis for your creations

Pure nature

Argan oil
has an excellent effect as a skin and hair care product. Thanks to its high-quality ingredients, it soothes damaged, sensitive and blemished skin and its moisturizing effect prevents dehydration and skin aging.
Also ideal as a shaving foam substitute...

Coconut oil
is ideal for skin care. Ideal in the bath or after showering.
In Asia, it is very popular for hair washing and scalp care.
For wonderful massages and before and after sunbathing.
The high-quality raw food quality smells very pleasant and is quickly absorbed.

Shea butter
itself is pure, odorless and creamy and a wonderful skin care product. It consists almost entirely of pure nut fat, which is very valuable for the lips and also for cold seasons.
As a very skin-friendly admixture, it is well suited for making creams.

is not only good for an irritated stomach, but can also be used very effectively externally. Both in toothpaste (ginger powder, zeolite and coconut oil) and for rinsing the mouth and massaging the gums. For skin-friendly peelings, face masks and wound treatment.

Crystal salts
for a skin-regenerating bath and as a natural scrub.

is recommended in cosmetics for the care of blemished skin and serves as a natural preservative. It has been known since ancient times that propolis has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. In dermatology, propolis is also used for wound healing and tissue regeneration.


Oxygen water & blood circulation in the skin

Cosmetics work best when the skin's blood circulation is right.
And skin circulation improves when oxygen water is used.
Competent researchers in the cosmetics industry have discovered that the oxygen content in the skin decreases continuously from the age of 30. With a regular, peroral supply of oxygen, the mobility and circulation intensity of the blood increases by at least 15% and thus also the supply of nutrients and the removal of waste products in the supply layers of the subcutis, including the prickle cell layer.
Even the most effective cosmetics cannot achieve this.
Stimulating the microcirculation with oxygen water is an epidermal reoxygenation method that potentiates the effectiveness of cosmetics and all corresponding treatment approaches and significantly increases the purification of the skin.

Beautiful skin
thanks to
Oxygen enriched water

Die Wirkung des peroralen Sauerstoffs auf die Haut

Sauerstoff - ein Schlüssel Element für die gesunde Haut. 
Verbesserte Hautdurchblutung durch Sauerstoffwasser!

Hier finden Sie die neuesten Ergebnisse
zu Sauerstoffwasser und Ihre Wirkung auf die Haut!

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