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Hier finden Sie regelmäßig Informationen zu den GLOBALIS Neuheiten.

  • Acerola Tablets - sugar free (21.09.2021)

    A tablet already delivers 60 mg of natural vitamin C (= 75% of recommended daily allowance according to RDA)


  • Green smoothies rich in proteins, essential minerals and vitamins. (10.06.2021)

    Chlorophyl: Spirulina and Afa Algae,  Volcanic Mineral: Zeolite, Vitamin C Powder: Acerola and Chaga

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  • CHAGA Multi-Super Extract (10.06.2021)

     is undoubtedly the highest quality of Chaga produce available worldwide, with a unique 60% CHROMOGENIC COMPLEX*.

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  • Cosmoetica - Cosmetics according to Trad. European Medicine (09.06.2021)

    Cosmoetica 100% natural products made with birch sap, plants and beeswax.


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  • What a drop of blood can tell (09.05.2021)

    Many therapists are looking for a simple method by which blood can be evaluated inexpensively but still individually.


  • Cell-based nutrition - focused and powerful (22.02.2020)

    ViriaCell - Cell nutrition cookies made/baked in Germany, available immediately. Ballance & Power

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  • Zeolite Powder as Medical Product (31.01.2019)

    Globalium Zeolith supports the detoxification of toxic metals & strengthen the intestinal barrier and made it less leaky


  • Chocolate in early Aztec cultures: (31.01.2019)

    Organic Raw Cacao Nibs sweetened in Organic Yacon Syrup- a natural sweetener with a low calorie


  • Organic Cocoa Beans (01.01.2019)

    Wild growth from Bali / Indonesia in raw food quality


  • Social responsibility (17.03.2015)

    For Globalis, fair trade means international trading partnerships on equal footing


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