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Application and dosage

O4 is a liquid food supplement containing dissolved and bioavailable oxygen molecules

Anwendungsempfehlung innerhalb der EU

Konzentrat zur Herstellung von hochaktivem Sauerstoff-Wasser
Anwendungsbereich: Als Keimhilfe für Samen und Sprossen
Nur reines Wasser verwenden!
15 bis 20 Tropfen pro Keimglas..

Mit dem Doppel-Effekt
Das Wasser erhält zusätzlich Sauerstoff
und schädliche Keime & Bakterien werden reduziert.


Recommendation for use outside EU

Recommendation for use

2 times daily 15 drops in a glass of still water.
Can also be safely taken as needed.
Can also be taken sublingually (undiluted under the tongue).

Shake before use.

Attention: Do not use metal spoons for stirring. Do not use a metal container for storage.
(The stable oxygen compound will be dissolved prematurely).

Preferably one hour staggered with meals.
(Reason: Food can be oxidised and thus destabilise O4. O4 should therefore only be taken separately and only with water or pure).

-Must you dilute O4Stabilized Oxygen to use it?
No. O4 can be taken in full strength or diluted with water. It is effective when taken both ways.

Can you take O4 Stabilized Oxygen with other nutritionals or medications?
O 4 Stabilized Oxygen should not be taken with other dietary supplements or prescription medications because ingredients in these formulations may destabilize the oxygen molecules in O 4 Stabilized Oxygen.
However, O4 Stabilized Oxygen may be taken in addition to these formulations if taken 30 minutes before or an hour after them.

- Can I take too much O4 Stabilized Oxygen?
No. O4 is completely safe to use in any amount.

- Can children take O4 Stabilized Oxygen?
We recommend that they take half the adult dose.
O4 Stabilized Oxygen can also be given to infants, pregnant women and nursing mothers without any concern of toxicity.

- Can pets / animals take O4 Stabilized Oxygen?

Dosages should be determined by weight.
We suggest the rule of thumb of one drop of O4 Stabilized Oxygen for every five pounds of weight.
O4 Stabilized Oxygen has been used for many years by professional trainers and large animal vets in the horse breeding and racing industry.


  • Supplements a varied and healthy diet.
  • Store out of reach of small children. Do not use metal utensils for O4.




To certify that you are getting the original concentrate O4 Stabilized Oxygen, a special seal with an identification logo has been introduced in Europe. This is being used on bottles and on flyers. It is sealed / welded in with the label while still in the production laboratory. In this way you can have certainty and use the product safely for years.

Due to direct cooperation and authorization by its only producer, the legal and guaranteed original product is always identified, in Europe, by the seal shown on the left.


- Chlorine dioxide free / chlorite free
- Bioavailable (i.e. it can be absorbed by blood and body cells)
- 100% natural, no additives, no preservatives, no binding agents
- Doppingfree
- Safe also for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers
- Safe for external use (skin...)



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