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Application and dosage

O4 is a liquid food supplement containing dissolved and bioavailable oxygen molecules

Recommended use in the EU

Concentrate for the production of highly active oxygen water
Application: As a germination aid for seeds and sprouts.
Use only pure water!
15 to 20 drops per seedling.

Double action
The water is enriched with oxygen
and reduces harmful germs & bacteria.



Important notice:

Dear connoisseurs of O4, the best stabilised oxygen,
Dear users who produce their own oxygen water with this highly concentrated product.

According to the assessment of the Bavarian State Office (LGL), this product unexpectedly falls under the Novel Food Regulation of the EU, which came into force in 1997, due to the "novel" production process of electrolysis. For this reason, as a distributor within the EU, we are not allowed to label it as a food supplement for the time being.

Until the bureaucratic issues have been resolved, O 4 Stabilised Oxygen is available to you as an "agent for the production of oxygen water - for germs and sprouts". This does not apply to non-European countries and also not to the USA, where this stabilised oxygen has FDA approval and an internationally recognised anti-doping certificate for competitive athletes with gold standard (BSCG).

Thank you for your understanding and support and best regards from Regensburg
Your Globalis Team


Dear Customer,
for more information and to answer your questions please call us or contact us via email




To certify that you are getting the original concentrate O4 Stabilized Oxygen, a special seal with an identification logo has been introduced in Europe. This is being used on bottles and on flyers. It is sealed / welded in with the label while still in the production laboratory. In this way you can have certainty and use the product safely for years.

Due to direct cooperation and authorization by its only producer, the legal and guaranteed original product is always identified, in Europe, by the seal shown on the left.


- Chlorine dioxide free / chlorite free
- 100% natural, no additives, no preservatives, no binding agents
- Safe for external use (skin...)

Dear Customer,
for more information and to answer your questions please call us or contact us via email.

Globalis' years of experience with stabilized oxygen

O4 Stabilized Oxygen

 O4 Oxygen - Table of Dosage

Table of Dosage

O4 Stabilized Oxygen

O4 Oxygen Skinspray 


O4 Oxygen Nasalspray

 O4 Oxygen Nasalspray


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