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O4 Stabilized Oxygen

O4 Stabilized Oxygen - Stabilisierter Sauerstoff - O4 Tetraoxygen in Lebensmittelqualität, Globalis - Oase der Natur

The highest and safest quality of stabilized oxygen

- 100 % natural - in the purest food quality
- Bioavailable
- without chlorite and without chlorine dioxide
- very balanced pH-value
- 350 000 ppm Oxygen O4
Recommendation for use only outside EU

Bio-/cell-available oxygen ensures

- support of the cell function
- for an immediate boost of concentrated bioavailable oxygen
- very helpful for competitive athletes: Classified as a doping-free preparation
- safe for oral and topical use
- clinically proven better regeneration - even after performance training!

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Recommendation for use:
2 times daily 15 drops in a glass of still water.
O4 Stabilized Oxygen, however, contains bio-available oxygen and does not depend on the digestive process be absorbed. In fact, it can also be safely taken sublingually. Shake before use.

Attention: Do not use metal spoons for stirring. Do not use a metal container for storage. (The stable oxygen compound will be dissolved prematurely).

Note: Supplements a varied and healthy diet. Store out of reach of small children. Do not use metal utensils for O4 Stabilized Oxygen.
Further information on nutrition / quantity
fat = 0 g
Saturated fats = 0 g
Cholesterol = 0 mg
Total carbohydrates = 0 g
Fiber = 0 g
protein / egg white = 0 g
Preservative = None
Dyestuffs = None
Pure and rich in oxygen
Pure: O4 Stabilized Oxygen consists only of high-quality, food-safe ingredients:
Pure water (3-fold distilled), bioavailable oxygen (350,000 ppm / 35%), traces of sea salt (0.5%)
To certify that you are getting the original concentrate O4 Stabilized Oxygen, a special seal with an identification logo has been introduced in Europe. This is being used on bottles and on flyers. It is sealed / welded in with the label while still in the production laboratory.
In this way you can have certainty and use the product safely for years

O4 Stabilized oxygen as a food supplement
- NEW: stabilized without chlorite and without chlorine dioxide
- 100 % natural - in the purest food quality
- Bioavailable - supports the metabolism
- very balanced pH-value
- 350 000 ppm Oxygen O4

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