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O4 Stabilised Oxygen - Liquid High Concentrate (60ml) for Sprouts

O4 Stabilisierter Sauerstoff - Flüssiges Hochkonzentrat (60 ml)

Concentrate for the production of highly active oxygen water

Application: As a germination aid for seeds and sprouts.
Only use pure water!
15 to 20 drops per jar.
Double action
Add oxygen to the water
and reduce harmful germs & bacteria.

Stabilised oxygen

√ 100% natural
√ Bioavailable
√ No chlorite or chlorine dioxide
√ Very balanced pH value
√ 350 000 ppm oxygen

60 ml / approx. 1650 drops

Ingredients: Pure water, stabilised oxygen (350,000 ppm), sea salt (0.7%).

Can be stored at room temperature (even after opening). Preferably not above 30 degrees.

Shelf life: The opened (and resealed) bottle has the same shelf life as an unopened original bottle.
The oxygen remains tightly bound and does not evaporate when the bottle is opened.
To distribute the oxygen molecules more evenly, the bottle can be shaken a little before use.

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Stabilisierter Sauerstoff  - Spray
Stabilized oxygen spray - 3 bottles à 60 ml

Hergestellt aus: Wasser, Elektrolyte (Sauerstoffmoleküle, Natriumchlorid, Natriumcarbonat, Natriumchlorit, Natriumsulfat)
Anwendung: Einfach 3 - 5 Pumpstöße ins Wasser (Keim-Glas mit 500 - 1000 ml) geben und die Samen darin einlegen.

O4 Oxygen Nasal Spray (60ml)
O4 Oxygen Nasal Spray (60ml)

Newly developed nasal spray with stabilised oxygen plus organic/vegetable zinc (to support the immune system).

Moisturises and cleanses.
100% natural sinus relief.

Also promotes regeneration of irritated or swollen tissues.

Rapid relief from symptoms of
- Pollen and allergens
- dry climate
- High altitude
- Nasal congestion

O4 Oxygen Skin Spray with Bioavailab. Zinc (60 ml)
O4 Oxygen Skin Spray with Bioavailab. Zinc (60 ml)

O4 Oxygen Skin Spray
to refresh and regenerate the skin

The regenerating power of oxygen, combined with the cell stimulating properties of of zinc, results in the perfect "skin spray",

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