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OPC & Acerola Cherry Powder

Foods with a high content of pure vegetable vitamin C.

Acerola Cherry Powder Acerola Kirschpulver

Acerola contains 17% vitamin C and is thereby one of the most vitamin C rich plants in the world. 100 Grams of ripe acerola contain 17,000 mg of vitamin C! You´d have to eat 68 lbs. of conventionally grown oranges to take up the same amount of vitamin C.

Our delicious fruit powder has an even higher concentration of vitamin C and shows a better bioavailability in comparison to synthetically produced vitamin C. [more]

Vitamin D3 K2Vitamin D3 and K2

The discovery of vitamin D is linked to the search for a cure for rickets.

In 1919, it was shown that rickets could be cured by irradiation with artificially generated UV light, and two years later this was also proven by irradiation with normal sunlight.

At around the same time, the British physician Edward Mellanby was convinced that rickets was caused by a nutritional deficiency and, also in 1919, was able to show in experiments with dogs that rickets could be cured by butter, milk and, in particular, cod liver oil. [more]


OPC Premium capsules OPC Premium Kapseln

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) are found particularly in red grape seeds, peanut peels, coconuts and in the bark of birch trees and maritime pines.

The polyphenol-flavanol OPC serves these plants, to protect them from UV radiation, climatic stress, certain parasites and harmful environmental influences.

OPC can not be synthesized by the human body. If you don´t want to miss out on this product, you should pay attention to particularly good quality! [more]

Special Quality of Natural Vitamin C:

In contrast to synthetically produced vitamin C (ascorbic acid), the acerola cherry contains numerous other substances such as provitamin A, vitamin B2, niacin, protein, iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

These accompanying substances are necessary for our body to optimally absorb vitamin C. This unique substance composition provided by nature also boosts the antioxidant (cell-protecting) effect of vitamin C.

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