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Acerola Cherry -Tablets (sugarfree) - 480 pieces à 600 mg (288 g)

Acerola Kirschpulver

 Acerola - one of the vitamin-C-richest plants on the planet (17%)

        100 g ripe Acerola fruits = 17,000 mg of vitamin C
        100 g ripe oranges = 50 mg of vitamin C

  • Compared to fresh fruits, dried fruits contain a higher percentage of ingredients
  • other phytochemicals contained in acerola significantly increase the cell-protecting effect of natural Vitamin C
  • Compared to synthetic ascorbic acid, the natural herbal vitamin C shows a higher bioavailability.
  • optimal vitamin C supply during all seasons, in situations of stress and high physical strain; also suitable for smokers who generally have an increased need for vitamin C.
  • Optimal protection of the valuable nutrients through the original, high quality violet protective glass Miron
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- Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
- Contribution to normal psychological functions
- Regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E
- Contribution to a normal energy metabolism
- Maintenance of the immune system
- Protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative stress
As the human organism does not produce vitamin C by itself, we depend on additional supplies of this vitamin.

Under certain conditions such as stress and physical strain, our demand for vitamin C increases rapidly. For example: to absorb 1 gram of vitamin C, one would have to eat more than 2 kg of freshly picked oranges per day. This need can be covered by approx. 6 g (1 ½ teaspoons) of our acerola powder. For persons with an allergic reaction to citrus fruits, our acerola extract can be an ideal solution as well.
Recommended dosage:

Acerola is a food. 2 tablets cover 150 % of the recommended dayly doese / needs in Vitamin C.
Acerola powder can be mixed into any beverage or into dishes such as muesli, fruits, salads, joghurt, etc. Please do not heat. As little as 1 g of our 18% acerola powder provides you with as much as 180 mg of natural vitamin C.
Acerola powder is available in high-quality violet photo protection and energy protection glasses at 200 g and supply pack at 1000 g in air-tight violet photo protection and air protection film. Our acerola powder is free of artificial vitamin C or other synthetic additives. The precious nutrients are preserved by superior violet protection packaging.

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Acerola - Lutschbonbons (zuckerfrei)

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