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OPC 1500 Veggie Caps ą 465mg (697,5 g)

OPC Premium
  • Patented  method  of extraction according to Prof. Dr. Jack Masquelier
  • 100% polyphenol extract from the seeds of red grapes
  • Optimized with vitamin C-rich acerola cherry powder
  • Optimal protection of the valuable nutrients through violet protective glass Miron or violet protective film
  • Cold extraction (physically) with clean water - without solvent
  • Very high ORAC value of 20240 µmol TE/g (= 6072 µmol TE per capsule)*
  • Analyzes concerning the ORAC value and OPC content conducted by a neutral laboratory*
  • Very high content of pure OPC (=Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins)
  • Vegetarian-vegan capsules
  • No fillers, no additives, no coloring
  • Grape seed extract from France - production and storage in Germany

Our OPC Premium is extracted from very high quality grape seeds!

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Health Claims - Vitamin C

Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
Contribution to normal psychological functions
Regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E
Contribution to a normal energy metabolism
Maintenance of the immune system
Protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative stress
OPC is a highly water-soluble substance. The grape seeds are crushed and then heated in water. As all water-soluble substances are dissolved – not only OPC, a patented extraction method has been developed and improved continuously in the course of 50 years with the cooperation of OPC’s discoverer, Prof. Dr. Jacques Masquelier, delivering a guaranteed OPC content of 85 – 90%.
Recommended dosage

To supplement your food with natural antioxidants, we recommend a daily dosage of 1 capsule of OPC. Swallow without chewing, along with some liquid before a meal.
One capsule contains 300 mg of grape seed extract, 125 mg Oligomere Proanthocyanidine = OPC,70 mg Acerola , cellulose capsule.

Data sheets

OPC Premium Analysen OPC Premium Produktionsschema OPC Premium ORAC Werte

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