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Organic Acerola Cherry Powder

Food with a high content of purely natural, plant-based vitamin C

New: Organic acerola fruit powder.

Both the acerola fruit pulp and the plant-based carrier maltodextrin (from organic maize) are now certified organic.
However, the colour of the certified organic acerola powder is a light orange.

This natural orange colour is also due to the fact that part of the acerola cherry is harvested while still green and the other part is made from ripe red cherries. This mixture guarantees the high vitamin C content as well as the necessary vitamin B complexes, which ensure buffering and ideal absorption of the vitamin C in the small intestine.


Acerola KirschpulverThe specifics of Organic Acerola Cherry Powder

  • Acerola - one of the vitamin-C-richest plants on the planet (17%)
  • Comparison:
  1.     100 g ripe Acerola fruits = 17,000 mg of vitamin C
  2.     100 g ripe oranges = 50 mg of vitamin C
  • Compared to fresh fruits, dried fruits contain a higher percentage of ingredients
  • other phytochemicals contained in acerola significantly increase the cell-protecting effect of natural Vitamin C
  • Compared to synthetic ascorbic acid, the natural herbal vitamin C shows a higher bioavailability.
  • optimal vitamin C supply during all seasons, in situations of stress and high physical strain; also suitable for smokers who generally have an increased need for vitamin C.
  • Optimal protection of the valuable nutrients through the original, high quality violet protective glass Miron

Recommended dosage:

Organic Acerola powder can be mixed into any beverage or into dishes such as muesli, fruits, salads, joghurt, etc.

Please do not heat.

As little as 1 g of our 18% acerola powder provides you with as much as 180 mg of natural vitamin C.
Acerola powder is available in high-quality violet photo protection and energy protection glasses at 200 g and supply pack at 1000 g in air-tight violet photo protection and air protection film. Our acerola powder is free of artificial vitamin C or other synthetic additives. The precious nutrients are preserved by superior violet protection packaging.

Health Claims - Vitamin C

  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Contribution to normal psychological functions
  • Regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E
  • Contribution to a normal energy metabolism
  • Maintenance of the immune system
  • Protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative stress
  • Acerola Kirschpulver


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  • Acerola Kirschpulver


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  • Unser stabiler Shaker auf Basis von recyceltem Kunststoff und Pflanzenstoffen


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Also available as lozenges:

Acerola lozenges (sugar-free) are simply delicious, practical and also ideal for children.

To the product overview

Human Need of Vitamin C

As the human organism does not produce vitamin C by itself, we depend on additional supplies of this vitamin.

Under certain conditions such as stress and physical strain, our demand for vitamin C increases rapidly. For example: to absorb 1 gram of vitamin C, one would have to eat more than 2 kg of freshly picked oranges per day. This need can be covered by approx. 6 g (1 ½ teaspoons) of our acerola powder. For persons with an allergic reaction to citrus fruits, our acerola extract can be an ideal solution as well.


Production of Organic Acerola Powder: Our acerola extract is produced in a gentle spraying process, from sun-ripened acerola fruits.

Vitamin C is an extremely sensitive substance, therefore treatment and storage methods are very important since light, air and heat exposure could damage this vital substance.


Origin of the Acerola Fruit: The acerola fruit (Malpighia punicifolia), also called cherry of the Antilles, originates from Central America and Brazil where it still grows today. The acerola bush can reach a height of up to 3 metres and 80% of the fruit is a juice with an exceptionally high content of vitamin C. It is the fruit with the worlds second-highest vitamin C content!

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