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Organic Klamath AFA Algae Tablets 500 pieces à 250 mg (125 g)

Organic Klamath AFA Algae Tablets 500 pieces à 250 mg (125 g) (218a)
  • Nutrient-rich algae from the Upper Klamath Lake (Oregon / USA)
  • The water of the upper Klamath Lake is drinkable
  • Both the powder and the tablets contain no other additives
  • Our AFA Algae are gently dried in a special patented process in the absence of oxygen and below 38 ° C in order to retain their natural cell structure and particular nutrient content
  • raw food quality
  • in the US OTCO - certified (= recognized American organic seal)
  • Optimal protection of the valuable nutrients through violet protective glass Miron or violet protective film

 Our Klamath Afa Algae are not enriched with vitamins or other additives. They contain all the nutrients included in their original, unaltered and natural form.

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Vitamin B12 contributes to

reduce fatigue / tiredness
the normal function of the nervous system
regular psychological functions
regular red blood cell formation
a regular immune system
cell division
a regular energy metabolism
a regular homocysteine ​​metabolism

The recommended daily dose has been raised from 1.0 to 2.5 micrograms by EU directive as of 11/2009. If foods are described as "rich in vitamin B12", they have to contain at least 0.75 micrograms (mcg) thereof per daily dose.
Recommended dosage

- Our recommended daily dosis: 4 tablets (= 1 gram of AFA Algae)

- One teaspoon of powder in water or juice per day
AFA Algae (Aphanizomenon flos aqua) are the origin, the so-called genetic prototype, of the process of photosynthesis, right at the beginning of the food chain.

They are the only organisms known to have retained their original perfect cell structure. Even natural catastrophes, climate changes and radioactive radiation have been unable to harm them in the course of time.

This remarkable algae is one of the most elementary and holistic food sources on our planet. It is dried at room temperature. This gentle drying process preserves the algae's vital energy and its nutrients.

The blue-green plant is rich in chlorophyll, 23 different amino acids (among them all 8 essential ones), lipids, minerals, and a variety of natural vitamins.
Our AFA algae are harvested very carefully at the time of greatest prosperity with special boats.
They are then carefully spray dried immediately and without intermediate storage in just 2-3 minutes at 40 ° C.
The sensitive ingredients and the natural cell viability and structure remain.

Lake Klamath has been classified, according to official measurements, as free from pesticides and contains pure drinking water. The wild algae are sieved off when they are in full bloom. They are carefully harvested in special boats and spray dried at about 26 degrees Celsius. Due to this gentle preservation process, the plant cells can be preserved as a whole.

Our algae powder is then pressed into 250 mg tablets without adding any other additives or thickening agents.

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Inhaltsstoffe Mikrobiologische Analysen

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