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Earthrise Spirulina Algae tablets 1250 pieces à 500 mg (625 g)

Earthrise Spirulina
  • Herbal microalgae with many synergistic nutrients
  • Powerful food - contains all essential amino acids, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, pigment substances and chlorophyll
  • high availability of nutrients through gentle drying process
  • spray-dried raw food quality
  • Microbiological examination of each filling
  • Meaningful content analyses
  • Bulk packs for the whole family
  • Optimal protection of valuable nutrients by violet protective glass Miron or violet protective film
Our organic chlorella algae are not enriched with vitamins or other additives. They contain all the nutrients included in their original, unaltered and natural form.
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Vitamin B12 contributes

- to reduce fatigue and tiredness
- to normal psychological functions
- during cell division
- to a normal energy metabolism

Iron contributes

- for the normal red blood cell formation
- for the normal formation of hemoglobin
- for the normal oxygen transport in the body
- for the normal function of the immune system

Iodine contributes

- to maintain normal skin
- to the normal function of the nervous system
- to normal cognitive function
- to the normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function
Best taken in the mornings or before noon before the intake of solid food. As Spirulina has a strongly vitalizing effect, it is a wonderful source before or after physical or mental exertions to boost and to regain your vigour and vitality. By sucking the tabs, your saliva can begin predigesting and breaking up the carbohydrates as best as possible. As Spirulina is pure food, there are no prescriptions as to quantity taken. We recommend to take 6 - 25 tablets or 3 - 10gm of powder (approx. 1 - 3 tablespoons) a day. The quantity depends on whether you just want to add to your food or to substitute a whole meal. The powder can be mixed into fruit juices or sprinkled over your salad.

An overdose is fairly impossible as Spirulina is not a drug but a nutrient-rich food, from which our body takes what it needs.
Earthrise® is also the only company in continental USA that produces Spirulina with GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. In this remote and sunny part of the country, far from cities, highways and airports, the air is clean. Mineral-rich Colorado river water is pumped through canals to large settling ponds, then through filters into the growing ponds. From this environment, free of pesticides and herbicides, Earthrise Spirulina yields more nutrition per acre than any other food.

Our proprietary growing methods and constant testing ensure the highest quality. We also do all of our packaging on site, enabling us to guarantee the overall quality of our products. Every day, farm scientists conduct dozens of rigorous tests to ensure that our quality exceeds all national and international food standards.
Nourished by hot sun, by mineral-containing sea water as well as by mineral-rich volcanic fresh water, the algae at this place develop an especially rich, substantial species. After a growth period of approx. 7 days, the algae are harvested in a special sieving process, are rinsed with spring water several times, and spray dried.

Part of them is pressed into tabs and packed immediately into air-tight and photoprotected packages without the addition of any artificial coloring or preservatives.

This procedure in itself is very short - drying is completed within 5 seconds at a maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, without oxygen to preserve all vital substances and to prevent the valuable betacarotene from oxidating.

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Earthrise Spirulina Earthrise Spirulina

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