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Coconut blossom syrup - 12 bottles of 250 ml (3 L)


- Precious essence from 100% pure natural coconut flower nectar

- Coconut nectar 100% socially-cooperative collection (wild)

- Completely new kind of sweetness - the sugar-free syrup of tropics!

- The unique manufacturing process receives the valuable ingredients and establishes the unmatched consistency of syrup and its unique flavor.

- Globalis Coconut Blossom Syrup contains a little sucrose and otherwise fructose (both in moderation is safe for diabetics)

- inexpensive bulk pack for the whole family or for stockpiling (12-box) available

- Commercial standards coconut syrup is added a lot of sugar and they are thickened at high temperatures, the natural ingredients are almost completely degenerate

- Globalis coconut blossom syrup is different: without sugar, at low temperatures it remains natural and fresh!
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Coconut syrup is often used as sweetener for beverages and more...
from wild coconut trees on the island of Bali / Indonesia.
Coconut syrup is a precious essence produced from 100% pure natural coconut flower nectar.
! Globalis coconut blossom syrup is made completely without adding sugar!

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