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Organic Chlorella Algae tablets 10 x 2500 pieces à 400 mg (10 kg)

 Bio Chlorella Algen
  • Herbal microalgae with many synergistic nutrients
  • Powerful food - contains all essential amino acids, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, pigment substances and chlorophyll
  • high availability of nutrients through gentle drying process
  • spray-dried raw food quality
  • Microbiological examination of each filling
  • Meaningful content analyses
  • Bulk packs for the whole family
  • Optimal protection of valuable nutrients by violet protective glass Miron or violet protective film

Our organic chlorella algae are not enriched with vitamins or other additives. They contain all the nutrients included in their original, unaltered and natural form.

Non EU Agriculture

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Vitamin B12 contributes
- to reduce fatigue / tiredness
- to a normally functioning nervous system
- to the normal function of the immune system
- to cell division
- to normal homocysteine ​​metabolism

Iron contributes
- to normal red blood cell formation
- to the normal formation of hemoglobin
- to normal oxygen transport in the body
- to the normal function of the immune system
- to reduce fatigue / tiredness
- to cell division

Folate contributes
- to growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy
- to normal amino acid synthesis
- to normal hematopoiesis
- to normal homocysteine ​​metabolism
- to normal psychological functions
You can enjoy Organic Chlorella as a complete meal or as a snack. Its nutrient density is before or after physical and mental exertion a wonderful source to obtain the power and vitality.

If you suck the compacts, the saliva can already begin predigestion and unlock carbohydrates optimally.

Organic Chlorella is a food. 3-12 tablets a day are recommended.

The amount depends on whether you want to consume chlorella in addition to your diet or replace a whole meal.
Our Chlorella Vulgaris comes from Taiwan where the algae are grown in pure spring water with a lot of sunlight.

Strict regulations and a permanent monitoring of cultivation processes provide an extremely high quality. After being harvested, the algae are pressed into tablets without addition of any other ingredients. Each charge is microbiologically monitored to ensure the highest product purity.
The chlorella algae grows far away from cities and industry in the sunny Chinese province of Fujian, where they can thrive free of pesticides, herbicides and other toxins naturally and protected. The meticulously filtered water for our breeding ponds comes from deep within the earth and is of course of top quality.

In the well-controlled breeding tanks, our chlorella algae feel extremely comfortable and thrive excellently. Once the OD degree (optical density) corresponds to the appropriate standard, the first harvest takes place. The first chlorella algae are harvested after one to two months of growth and maturation, after which each successive generation can be harvested at intervals of seven to ten days.

Spray drying
After harvesting, the wet mass of Chlorella is dried using a spraying process under permanent temperature control. Here, Chlorella droplets are sprayed into a special food drying chamber, where the temperature causes the water to evaporate very fast. This modern drying method allows to obtain all of the valuable nutrients and ingredients of chlorella almost completely.

Our Organic Chlorella compacts are produced naturally gentle and directly without any additives or auxiliaries and in compliance with strict hygiene standards. Every batch is tested for microbiological purity.

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Bio Chlorella Algen Bio Chlorella Algen

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