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& Energized through Divine Tools


After years and years of personal divine connectivity and growth, scientific and technological research and developments, was now able to bring forward a unique unprecedented breakthrough-technology which enhances the personal emotional, physical, mental and spiritual growth in unique and amazing ways.

The first step is the programming of the Rock Crystal you can find in the jars, with Healing-Frequencies.

Divine.Tools imprints in a second step all our labels for Chaga, Chaga + Mumijo, Chaga + Reishi and Mumijo: Specific divine connection, scalar wave technologies and subtle energy signatures embedded into the physical and digital content, are used and imprinted with non-local energy - amplified billion of times - into all labels of Bearmedicine, which transfer these strong healing frequencies over to the Ultimate Super Extract you are about to consume.

Encoded & Energized through Divine ToolsContaining especially the Coding of ...

  • The vibration of universal harmonic healing; LOVE - Being, Flowing, and Expanding.
  • The calling to the cells of the body to return to their frequential potentiality and divine root function.
  • The healing essence of the Primal Rays of Creation.

The fact that my Ultimate Super Extract is already the highest quality on Earth, as far as concerned the efficiency of the active physical components, our programming of the extract with "The King of Herbs" Codes and the encoding & energising of the labels through, makes it state of the art of radiant Natural Medicine.

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We recommend not to throw away our jar and the crystal after it is empty. Do re-use it and fill it with whatever you like, salt, seasonings, herbs, creams, powders, ... it will constantly be encoded by the same frequencies and thus very beneficial for your wellbeing.

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