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Pure Shea Butter from the manufacturer: fragrant, delicate melting, 100% natural and unrefined

The specifics of Shea Butter

  • Bio SheaButter100% pure ingredients - without any additives
  • Fair trade - the payment we make to the local women from Ghana is always at least 80% above the usual market prices
  • Social security and economic support for local women and families
  • only the best, individually and hand-selected nut kernels are used for manual production
  • manual production process in all work steps
  • available in two quality categories and sizes: Premium and Premium Plus
  • due to the gentle harvesting and processing methods, our shea butter is particularly pure, mild and creamy
  • has a very long shelf life due to its pure, natural state
  • SheaButter, Wildwuchs


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  • SheaButter, Wildwuchs
    Reinste SheaButter, Wildwuchs aus der Manufaktur: duftend, zart schmelzend, 100 % natürlich und unraffiniert in Violettschutzfolie


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  • SheaButter, Wildwuchs
    Reinste SheaButter, Wildwuchs aus der Manufaktur: duftend, zart schmelzend, 100 % natürlich und unraffiniert in Violettschutzfolie


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  • SheaButter, Wildwuchs


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Fair traded

Fairer Handel - Bio SheabuterThe women in the project are committed and happy about the good prices. This enables them to live more independently.

The women who produce our Globalis SheaButter Premium and Premium Plus are paid a fair price by us and are thus motivated, among other things, to maintain the high level of organic shea butter produced for us.

The prices we pay for Globalis shea butter are on average 80 - 83 % higher than the prices that other shea nut butter buyers are prepared to pay.

We also attach great importance to the social, medical and educational care of the women who work for us and their families.

The difference between SheaButter Premium und Premium Plus

Is there a difference between Organic SheaButter Premium (available in blocks of 1 kg) and Organic SheaButter Premium Plus (available in cosmetic jars of 50 g)?

Both products basically have the same basic characteristics in terms of origin, quality and processing of the raw material - there is only a slight difference in one processing step of the butter:

The Organic SheaButter Premium Plus is produced entirely by hand - from harvesting to packaging, neither the shea nuts nor the resulting SheaButter come into contact with any kind of machine. This means that even the elaborate grinding of the nuts is done by hand in the traditional way, instead of using the small press available to the initiative.

This difference, as small as it may seem at first, is actually clearly noticeable: in the finer consistency, the creamier colour and the more intense smell of the traditionally produced shea butter. Very little of this unique quality is produced each year.

In the case of organic SheaButter Premium, only the grinding is done by machine, which does not make a significant difference in terms of quality in the areas mentioned above, but it does make a slight difference. However, this butter also has unique qualitative advantages compared to conventionally produced, refined shea butter, especially as it is also 100% organic.

The entire production process also involves our German project partner, who is personally present on site.


Application Tips

What is ideal for the stomach is also suitable for our skin - or, to put it in the words of a famous cosmetics producer: "Only what I can eat goes on my skin!"

Our Globalis SheaButter is an ideal frying fat!

It is ubiquitous in African cuisine, tastes good and is easily digestible. It is very economical to use and thanks to its long shelf life without becoming rancid, it can be used all year round even in hot regions without refrigeration. Shea butter has an extremely long shelf life in its pure state, even in tropical heat. Shea butter contains mainly long-chain, unsaturated fatty acids, the main components of which are: oleic acid (40-55 %), stearic acid (35-45 %), linolenic acid (3-8 %) and palmitic acid (3-7 %).

Shea butter is also used worldwide for cosmetic purposes.

SheaButter melts from approx. 36°C, i.e. when rubbed into the palm of the hand. We recommend removing the SheaButter from the container with a hard, clean object (e.g. cosmetic spatula). This prevents impurities from getting into the butter via your fingers. You can rub the SheaButter lightly in the palm of your hand or apply light pressure to make it creamy and smooth. Within a very short time you will notice how pleasantly soft and smooth SheaButter is.

That's why our SheaButter is so popular!

The high proportion of unsaponifiable ingredients makes the skin supple and provides it with additional moisture. It is very beneficial for the skin's surface when its blood circulation is stimulated. Gently massage our SheaButter into your skin using circular motions - you will feel the comforting effect on your skin immediately after applying Globalis SheaButter. The butter penetrates deep into your skin, noticeably and pleasantly. Our SheaButter can also be used to soothe the skin of sore, red noses during the cold season, for example.

Customer Tips

 Recipes from customers

"The following procedure is suitable if you want to mix a (high-quality) oil into the shea butter: Place the shea butter in the tin in a pot of boiling water, close the lid and leave to rest. After a few minutes, the shea butter will be liquid and can be mixed with any good oil (jojoba, almond, lemon oil) at approx. 20 %. If you like, you can drizzle in a few drops of essential fragrance oil (mandarin, lemon, orange). Be careful, the cream now needs a few hours to harden again.

 Body cream recipe:

Use approx. 60 g shea butter and approx. 30 g cold-pressed almond oil, a few drops of 100% pure essential oils.
Processing: Cut the room-warm shea butter into small pieces, place in a blender jar or in a bowl using a mixer, add the oil. Whisk vigorously. It will "bump" at first, but then it will become increasingly foamy. Then add the essential oils. That's it. This is really very simple and this body cream absorbs wonderfully into the skin, even though it consists only of fat. We are very enthusiastic about these body creams - they are wonderfully airy and soft. Shea butter alone with jojoba oil or almond oil, a little sea buckthorn fruit oil for babies and children, is also great. My work colleague's children say these creams are the best.

As shaving soap

- Lather up 80g blocks on a small bowl or like real shaving soap with a shaving brush and a little water in your hand or on the bowl, lather your face (for the ladies also the legs) with it, works great - and then shave with a razor or wet razor (Wilkenson e.g.) as usual, great...then apply a little shea butter WaLe or Sensitive (instead of perfumed aftershave) and experience soft, smooth shaven skin. WONDERFUL!!!
SheaButter intimate...

Shea butter is also very suitable for sensitive mucous membranes. The tip from the friend was: "Shea butter is also supposed to be very good for dry vagina..." This topic is very intimate, but so many women suffer from it, so it would be a very good thing to publicise it. With regular care, shea butter can protect you from fungal infections. It also heals haemorrhoids quickly and gently. Irritated nasal mucous membranes also benefit from a little shea butter. M.I."

Customer tips for use:

Before applying to hairy areas of the body, the shea butter should first be completely melted, for example in the palm of your hand; shea butter can also be carefully heated in a water bath. The application ideas described here and the information on the effects on the skin and hair only apply to the use of handmade, unrefined shea butter.

Natural protection for your lips with SheaButter: suitable for chapped, cracked lips, in cold and dry weather conditions, also as natural sun protection, albeit with a low sun protection factor. Your lips will benefit from the protective natural ingredients of our SheaButter all round: Gloss, suppleness and an intact skin area are the result.

Full body treatment
The idea for your special wellness bath: Use a comfortable amount of Globalis SheaButter and add it to your bath water. The SheaButter will melt and spread in the bath water - just like in a familiar oil bath. The SheaButter will spread all over your body. The effect can be intensified if you do not dry yourself after the bath, but only dab yourself lightly or leave to dry completely without a towel. Of course, you can also simply rub your whole body gently with our SheaButter at any time and massage lightly.

 After Shave - Wellness after shaving: Apply a little SheaButter to the affected, irritated areas of skin immediately after shaving. SheaButter protects, revitalises and nourishes. Feel the difference - and avoid using chemical and heavily perfumed face washes.

Day cream for your baby
In Africa, shea butter has been used daily for centuries and not just by women: natural shea butter is also traditionally used to protect sensitive baby skin.

Conclusion: Everyone should have fair trade Globalis SheaButter at home - social care with a feel-good effect!


Shea tree - vitellaria paradoxa - shea nut tree - shea butter tree - African butter tree - many terms for one and the same fascinating plant.

The shea nut tree grows exclusively in the Sudan zone, a savannah belt in Africa that stretches the entire length between Senegal and Uganda. This growth belt is divided into a western and an eastern area, in each of which only one of the two subspecies of the shea tree grows. The preferred growing zone for shea nut trees is an altitude of between 100 and 600 metres with an average annual temperature of 27°C.

The harvesting and production area of our shea butter is located in the Upper West Region of Ghana (West Africa), which is nestled between the MOLE National Park, the Black Volta River and the border of Burkina Faso. It is a secluded area with clear air, low population density, few cars, but with many shea nut trees. These are ideal conditions for the successful extraction of first-class shea butter.


Our shea butter is made from naturally grown, traditionally collected shea nuts in a highly complex production process. The shea nuts are harvested between April and June. The flesh can be eaten directly and is highly valued by the local population. It is extremely sweet.

Inside the pulp are the shea nuts, 50% of which consist of shea nut fat, the vegetable butter to be extracted. This is then extracted from the shea nuts in various steps to produce our valuable shea butter:

The nuts are washed, crushed and processed into a nut paste in the traditional way. This is infused with clear water and then gently and slowly heated, allowing the shea fat to float to the top and be skimmed off.

 "Back to the roots"

Traditional production methods are experiencing a rebirth - with benefits for producers and consumers: Above all, the women of the large families in the structurally weak region receive secure work with above-average pay. Training courses prepare the women for this and regular coaching sessions establish the knowledge gained. The production volume of Globalis SheaButter allows very careful control of the fruits/nuts. The traditional method of production draws on ancient knowledge - while at the same time applying modern hygiene requirements and the latest, proven practices in terms of production processes.

 Some production steps:

The shea nuts are crushed with a wooden tamper
Using a grinding stone, we obtain a wonderful chocolate-like paste
Clean deep well water is added to the heated paste and stirred by hand - gradually an oily film forms on the surface, which can be skimmed off
the obtained, skimmed mass is soon ready for further processing
The mixture is placed in a large container and heated briefly. Heating dehydrates the shea butter completely and lightens it slightly.
The still warm SheaButter is transferred to solidify
During the solidification process, the SheaButter is continuously stirred to a homogeneous consistency.
This is followed by a 3-fold fine cleaning/filtering process.
The production process itself is hard to beat in terms of "grace and beauty".

Our unrefined quality shea butter has a very high proportion of unsaponifiable components: 8 - 11 % - in comparison:

Avocado oil: 6 %; sesame oil 1.5 %; olive oil 1.2 %. These unsaponifiable ingredients are said to have excellent skin care properties. A consultant from an American development cooperation organisation, referring to research results, says: "Shea butter contains substances with a variety of therapeutic benefits such as UV protection, regenerative anti-itch and anti-wrinkle properties."

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Herstellung von unserer Shea Nussbutter

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