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Bio (Rohkost) Kakaobohnen & Nüsse

Organic Cocoa Beans >>>

and organic cocoa nibs with organic yacon syrup

Although the cocoa plant probably originates from South America, the history of its cultivation begins in Central America. Finds of vessels with deposits of theobromine suggest that the plant was used from around 1100 BC. Remains of such vessels were found near the town of Puerto Escondido in Honduras. However, it was not the cocoa bean that was used, but the sugary pulp, which was fermented into an alcoholic drink. The Aztecs had known about the plant since the 14th century. It was considered sacred and was regarded and worshipped as a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl.

Organic Cashews >>>

The cashew tree grows in tropical climates and bears cashew apples and cashew kernels (cashew nuts). The Portuguese were the first Europeans to discover this tree in north-eastern Brazil. The name cashew is derived from the Indian word "Tupi Acaju - kidney tree" via a few linguistic detours. The cashew tree is an evergreen deciduous tree that can reach heights of 10 to 12 meters. When ripe, the cashew apple develops a very intense, fruity-sweet aroma. The apples are very tasty, sweet and sour, apple-like and rich in vitamin C.

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