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Organic Aloe Vera Premium natural juice - 6 bottles of 1 liter

Globalis Bio Aloe Vera Direktsaft

  • 100% Organic Aloe Vera plant juice directly in premium quality - no reconstitution from concentrate
  • Made from fresh, hand-filleted gel slices of the Originals, healing Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller
  • its Original own aloe flavor, preserved with organic citric
  • Regular quality checks and the organic certificates by Lancon BCS Austria and BCS Germany ensure the high quality and purity of this product
  • Our Aloe Vera Juice is a product that exceeds even the highest standards of "International Aloe Science Council"
  • Cheap bulk pack for the whole family or for stockpiling (carton of 6) available

Non EU Agriculture

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1L ≙ 20,00 EUR
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Take 20 ml 3 times a day, or more if required - pure, or mixed into juices.
This plant belongs to the family of lilies and is common in the southern USA, in Central and South America, Africa, and in the Mediterranean region.
Our Aloe Vera plant grows in Mexico.
Our Aloe Vera fresh plant juice is made of fresh living plants of Aloe Vera barbadensis Miller (no concentrate!)
First, the aloin-free outer parts of the plant are peeled by hand directly after being harvested. This is done by first cutting off the spiny edges, then the upper and lower leaf layers. Finally, the centre part of the leaf – the transparent gel – is squeezed and filtrated so that a liquid emerges.
An Aloe plant can get along without rain for many months. It is able to store water in its fleshy leaves, and, closing its pores, it does not dry up. If an Aloe plant is injured by being cut or having a leaf tip broken off, the plant is able to heal itself by its own active agents. Within an hour, all injuries will have closed up.

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Bio Aloe Vera Premium Natursaft Bio Aloe Vera Premium Natursaft Bio Aloe Vera Premium Natursaft

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