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Focused and powerful cell nutrition

ViriaCell KekseA cell-based diet

attempts to switch the metabolism of the cells to longevity and regeneration through selected foods.
The exact combination of natural ingredients that are known to be particularly good for the cells is an art!

Natural, genuine and baked with love by a traditional, regional baker near Regensburg!
ViriaCell contains no extracts but only natural ingredients.

  • Purely plant-based
  • Vegan
  • Unique


ViriaCell cell nutrition - the best of nature!

Guarana, St. John's wort, berberis, turmeric, black pepper, box horn clover and many more good things!
All put together in the perfect combination
Whether from studies or from traditional herbal medicine: we all know the positive effects of herbs and spices:
Healthy things can sustainably support our self-healing powers, that's no longer a secret these days.

The secret begins where natural ingredients are combined on a scientific basis!
In professional sport, for example, the aim is already to practice "legal doping" through healthy and targeted nutrition.
Everyone should be able to do this for themselves!


Scientific background

Cell biologist Dr. Günter Bertholdt has kindly developed an exclusive formula for us. After extensive research, he found special, natural ingredients that switch the cell metabolism to regeneration more than others and combined them in a unique new way. A patent application has been filed for his formula.

The goals of Dr. Bertholdt
V - Supply of perfectly balanced ingredients leads to
I - Information can flow well between the cells
R - Regeneration can take place through cell decongestion
I - the body's intuition can switch to good nutrition
A - activity can be demanded from the body (desire for movement)

The implementation is called: ViriaCell
As can be seen in Dr. Günter Bertholdt's disclosed patent application "Foods to achieve positive health effects", the targeted combination has resulted in a "more" that is astonishing:
It seems as if the positive properties of the spices and herbs reinforce each other!

ViriaCell-Kekse bei GlobalisPositive feedback

Quotes from the disclosed patent application:
  • Cognitive improvement 89%
  • Motor improvement 67%
  • Improved skin appearance 22%
  • Less pain 22%
  • Better digestion 19%
  • Better sleep 19%
  • Less appetite 15%
    (253% added together, as there were many multiple responses).

Embark on a journey to do something extraordinarily good for your cells that is unique in the world!

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The disclosed patent application

The disclosed patent application

"Food for achieving positive health effects"


Inventions relating to biological material are generally patentable.
Biological material is any material that contains genetic information and can be reproduced in a biological system.
(§ 2a para. 3 no. 1 PatG).

ViriaCell is a food product with natural ingredients instead of extracts, combined purely with a focus on cell metabolism.
ViriaCell is designed to always send the same information in natural diversity in all ways: "Dear cell, do the right thing!"


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