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"Unfortunately, I have a lot of intolerances that lead to regular stomach cramps. But when I eat a cookie, I no longer have any stomach pains after about 30 minutes. I think I can now tolerate more than before!"

"I suffered from severe memory impairment, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and depression for many years. I had to take a lot of tablets to be able to cope with everyday life, at least to some extent. I've been eating ViriaCell® every day since 2019 and I've been feeling better and better ever since! I was able to stop taking my medication completely! Life seems more positive again and I have the energy to set myself goals again!"
Customer since the company was founded

"I have brought my Crohn's disease under control. I no longer have to go to the toilet so often and no longer have blood in my stool"
Customer since 2021

"My blood values are excellent and my Lyme disease has completely disappeared!"
One of the first customers

"My gums have completely recovered! I had very deep gum pockets, they have become smaller and smaller over 3 months and are now in the normal range. If I have a caffeine-free cookie in the evening, I fall asleep quickly and have a very restful sleep. The next morning I wake up before the alarm clock and am in top form!"
Customer and retailer

"I eat much healthier thanks to the cookie. Every cookie encourages me to eat a piece of raw vegetable afterwards, for example, or to skip a meal. There were and are many other little things that have improved for me as a result. That's why there's nothing better than ViriaCell® for me to maintain my health!"
Co-founder and managing director of ViriaCell

"I lost over 19 kilos with the cookie! It has given me an irrepressible urge to eat healthily and exercise and I am incredibly grateful for these cookies!"

"I had an unpleasant sinus infection for many years, which was only kept under control by taking strong tablets. Thanks to the cookies, the inflammation is completely gone and I no longer need any medication!"

"I had severe menstrual cramps and could hardly work during this time. They are almost completely gone thanks to the little cookies and I can go about my everyday life as normal! No cramps, only very slight discomfort (occasionally). My life is much better!"
Customer and retailer

"My migraine attacks, which were very severe at the time, have become much less frequent. When they do come back, it's enough for me to quickly take an extra cookie. Then the pain is bearable and I can cope with everyday life. I used to be sick for 3 days as a result!"

I have Bechteris disease and had to take up to 20 painkillers a day for years. Thanks to ViriaCell® I was able to reduce my tablet consumption to almost zero within 6 months! I only have to take one tablet sometimes. My life has changed in a very positive way! Thank you!
Customer and now also dealer

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