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Here is some feedback from our users,
who do not wish to be named.

Good sleep and better gums

Due to my job, I often couldn't rest in the evenings, my body was tired and my mind couldn't rest.
Since taking the cell cookies, I sleep much better. When the thoughts come back and won't let me sleep, I eat half a cookie, drink a glass of water and lie down again. After a short time I fall asleep. Brilliant! A great side effect of taking cell food in the evening is that I have noticed significant improvements in my gums.

My dentist was amazed that the recession had stopped and in some places the pocket depths had reduced from 4 to 3 and from 3 to 2. Gum inflammation and blisters in the mouth heal very quickly with the cell nutrition.

Hip pain almost gone

I am in my mid-50s and have had severe hip pain for many months. I am actually a passionate triathlete, but with this pain, sport was no longer possible.
My doctors recommended a quick operation. I have been eating ViriaCell® Classic cookies for 3 months and ViriaCell® Power for 2 weeks. I have considerably less t 2 weeks of ViriaCell® Power. I have much less pain, I can jog again and perhaps surgery is no longer necessary.
If so, I will be able to recover well and quickly.
Instead of a daily dose of painkillers, I now only have to take one occasionally, my tablet consumption has been drastically reduced.

Super blood values after breast cancer

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I underwent chemotherapy. I had only heard about ViriaCell® from friends and had already tried one, I found it tasty and appealing.

That was the reason for me to give it a try. I took the cookie every day, only leaving it out on the day of chemo.
After about 6 weeks, my blood was tested again - the doctors were very surprised! They had never seen such positive blood values during chemo before!

Less pain, reduction in inflammation

When I started eating ViriaCell, I had considerable problems with tooth inflammation. My molar had been root canaled and inflammation had formed at the root ends. I took strong painkillers and was also prescribed an antibiotic.

I took the painkiller for about 3 days and then started taking up to 3 cookies of ViriaCell. Within another 3 days the inflammation had subsided and "thank goodness" the planned jaw operation did not have to be carried out.

I also feel that I generally feel much better and don't get tired so quickly after just 3 weeks with ViriaCell.
I am curious to see what I can write about this in 3 months, a year and many years later.


Overweight and pain reduced

About 3 years ago I got to know Dr. Bertholdt's cell nutrition and it changed my life on all levels.
My main health problems were being overweight, osteoarthritis, severe knee pain and chronic headaches. headaches.
I had been on various diets, all without success. After just one week of eating cell food I had lost 2 kilos.

This was like a small miracle for me, as I had tried many diets over the years and had found nothing effective.
Even a "zero diet" and fasting had no effect on my "stuck cells". After about 3 weeks, I noticed relief from my knee pain and headaches. I could move more freely, had a clearer head and more energy. Overall, I felt "liberated".
After 4 months I had lost almost 30 kilos. After 10 months, I started jogging again, something I hadn't done for over 10 years and something I couldn't imagine ever happening again.

I am deeply grateful to Dr. Bertholdt for his development and I am happy to work every day to ensure that people can live healthy, successful and happy lives. Cell nutrition is a wonderful building block that can help many people to lead a more balanced life.
Best regards

Less pain

After a few weeks of cellulose nutrition, the pain caused by severe diverticulitis has almost completely disappeared. The operation has therefore been postponed as it is no longer necessary. It may regenerate itself!

Better memory after surgery

My dad is 57 years old and had brain tumor surgery last year in March. Since then we've had nothing but problems... the worst is probably the memory loss.
We were recommended cell food by a very good friend and we are thrilled! Since he has been taking it regularly, he has improved both physically and mentally! We still have a long way to go, but Zellnahrung will certainly be with us!


Less medication, less stress, better concentration

I am 19 years old, under stress and have type 1 diabetes.
I have been taking cell nutrition since the end of last year. The reduction in recurring hypoglycaemia is the biggest effect I have noticed. My body works increasingly better with the insulin I am given and I have already been able to reduce the amount of basic insulin I need. During the stress of my A-levels, I was expecting sleep disorders, panic attacks and body aches. None of this has happened and I am convinced that the good cell supply contributes to this. I can concentrate well and plan my exam preparation in a structured way.

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