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Cubic Halite, Crystal-clear Salt (Power) Stones

Kristallsalz aus Himalaya Region
  • The Specifics of Globalis Crystal Salt
  • Salt from the Himalaya region
  • Original quality of the Himalayan region
  • From the deepest layers of the salt mines (hence the especially rich and crystalline structure)
  • Naturalness of the salt: unbleached, unrefined, not iodized, without anti-caking agents or other additives
  • First choice and hand selection of producing country
  • Numbered certificate (batch number)
  • Compliance with the Codex Alimentarius
  • Food friendly packaging
  • Decent working conditions, fair trade, no child labor

Natural crystal salt with a natural amount of minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, manganese and iron. The reddish hue of the salt is due to its iron/iron oxide content.

We carry light red crystal salt, white diamond table salt as well as a small quantity of clear, cubic halite salt, which is quite rare.

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Salze aus Himalaya Region Salze aus Himalaya Region Salze aus Himalaya Region

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